High School

High School Programs

We offer a full-scale academic program as well as options of:

  • Work Experience

  • RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)

  • Green Certificate

  • Art

  • Food Studies

  • Communications Technology

  • Forensic Studies

  • Electro Sciences

In addition, students have the opportunity to take:

  • Legal Studies

  • Psychology

  • Forestry

  • Agriculture

  • Tourism

High School Redesign – Focuses on rigorous and relevant curriculum and meaningful relationships.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship:

Was created “to recognize and reward academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.”

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myPass is an Alberta Education self-service website for students to:

  • Order high school transcripts

  • View diploma exam marks

  • Register to write or rewrite diploma exams with online payment

  • View and print Detailed Academic Reports

  • And much more

 All high school students should be signed up for my Pass.

my pass


Students and parents can stay in touch with grades, absences and classes by signing into PowerSchool parent portal.

power school


Scholarships and applications are available on scholartree.ca.

scholar tree